The education at King Henry VIII College will mirror that at Christ College, and the curriculum will be closely based on the UK National Curriculum.

The Christ College curriculum is carefully structured to provide a balance of subjects and to allow individuals to play to their academic strengths. The emphasis is on first class teaching, provided in well-resourced departments and with small class sizes, allowing plenty of individual attention for pupils. This will be the King Henry VIII College way, too.

The judicious setting of homework (‘prep’) ensures that academic disciplines are learned right from the start, and help is available for those who need it. Each pupil has an individual academic tutor, who keeps a close eye on academic progress and on the suitability of the pupil’s programme, keeping in close contact with parents.

There is an academic club or society to suit every enthusiasm and gift, with scholars’ groups for the most able pupils and extra support for who need that special guidance or advice.

As is the case at our sister school, we will have highly qualified and committed staff with a generous 1:10 teacher to pupil ratio.

Activities outside the classroom all help to develop our pupils - culminating in opportunities to lead and to make a contribution to school life as senior members of King Henry VIII College.