King Henry VIII College will build on the experience and expertise of Christ College in creating an environment where pupils learn to relish public performance.

The world needs creative, imaginative people who can speak confidently and stand tall before others, with self-assurance and poise.

Right from their first days at the school, pupils will learn to express themselves through dramatic performances, presentations, and public-speaking; they will gain invaluable confidence by contributing and participating in front of their peers, the school, and the wider community,

At Christ College more than a quarter of the pupils take lessons in Speech and Drama and gain internationally-recognised LAMDA qualifications. It is our intention that King Henry VIII will be a centre for LAMDA examinations, giving our pupils another great opportunity.

Drama and performance will be a significant part of life at the school – from pupil-led assemblies to House plays, and from Speech and Drama lessons to full-scale school productions in the state-of-the-art theatre.

The school will recognise potential and ability in this critical area. Top performers will be given every chance to succeed on a wider stage; study trips and visits to major dramatic events in the region will be fully supported.