Boarding Options

Junior Boarding – Year 7,8 & 9

Year 7, 8 and 9 make up our junior boarding students and our boarding houses are designed to accommodate the needs of different age groups. Each boarding house has a junior corridor with larger bedrooms for students within the same year group to share. Having a separate corridor ensures a quieter space for earlier bedtimes and reduced device time.

Our team of staff offer a variety of activities, sports, academic support and life skills lessons. We place great value on teaching independence to all students, starting from our junior boarders, including teaching them to do their own laundry and learning how to cook meals.

We very much appreciate that at times junior boarders may experience homesickness and our staff are highly skilled at helping with this. Our senior students are also very helpful with this and it is a huge benefit to be surrounded by friends to get used to being away from home.

Senior Boarding

Year 10 & 11

Within each boarding house there are senior corridors for our older students starting from year 10. Years 10 & 11 share two-bed rooms and each of these bedrooms has an en suite bathroom.

Our senior students are given a slightly later bedtime and longer device times to aide with extra study. They are given more freedoms as well as more responsibilities to help them to develop their independence and maturity.

We encourage our senior students to play a big role in house projects and social events . This keeps them actively engaged in the boarding houses and prompts them to take occasional breaks from study.


Sixth Form

Sixth form within boarding takes on a slightly different approach. While sixth form students do follow the same basic daily structure; attending meal times, being present and punctual for lessons and joining life skills sessions, they are encouraged to manage their own time after school.

We see sixth form as the stepping stone to university and adult life and we want to encourage independence and responsibility as much as possible. This means year 12 and 13 students are trusted to complete their studies in their own time, to limit their time on devices and to develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

Each boarding house has a separate social space for sixth formers to form study groups, socialise with friends, or just simply to unwind in the peace and quiet.