King Henry VIII College is  a day and boarding school, and both communities will benefit from a first-rate pastoral care and support network.

Boarders at King Henry VIII College live alongside each other and support each other with a spirit of compassion, tolerance, and understanding. They enjoy dedicated accommodation of the highest specification, as well as having access to school facilities in the evenings and at weekends. Each House is fully staffed with Houseparents, a Resident Tutor, and other Resident Assistants. A programme of weekend activities and excursions ensure that boys and girls who are away from home are relaxed, occupied and content throughout.

The Houses all bear names that resonate with life in Brecon, and speak of our strong links with our sister school and its history:

Director of Boarding
Martin Knights - Resident in Boys’ Accommodation Block


School House
Houseparent: Colin Broughton
Resident Assistant: Jake Duffield

Historically in UK boarding schools, it was quite common for the boarding to be accommodated in the main school building and for the Head to be the Housemaster. This accommodation became known as the SchooI House. Our sister school, Christ College, has just such a House, opened in 1864. Our School House reflects this aspect of our shared history.

Williams House
Resident teacher: Jon Clements
Resident Assistant: Laurence Tandy

Like many similar institutions in England and Wales, Christ College reformed itself during the mid-nineteenth century. Up until that point, students at the College were taught by a single Master. The first “Headmaster” to be appointed by the Board of Governors was John Daniel Williams.  Educated at Christ’s Hospital and Trinity College, Cambridge, he proposed the school routine, the curriculum and the first set of school rules - another great pioneer. He proudly opened the new school, then known as Christ’s College, on 31st January 1856 and remained Headmaster for 22 years.



Founders House
Houseparent: Katie Seddon

Each year in Christ College, the school remembers its Founders and Benefactors - those who have helped make the school what it is today, and contributed to its long history and heritage. Our first girls’ house is named to continue that memory, and to honour those behind the founding of King Henry VIII College, Malaysia.