Pastoral Care


King Henry VIII College is a day and boarding school, and both communities will benefit from a first-rate pastoral care and support network.

Boarders at King Henry VIII College live alongside each other and support each other with a spirit of compassion, tolerance, and understanding. They enjoy dedicated accommodation of the highest specification, as well as having access to school facilities in the evenings and at weekends. Each House is fully staffed with Houseparents, a Resident Tutor, and other Resident Assistants. A programme of weekend activities and excursions ensure that boys and girls who are away from home are relaxed, occupied and content throughout.

Director of Boarding
Martin Knights – Resident in Boys’ Accommodation Block

The Houses all bear names that resonate with life in Brecon, and speak of our strong links with our sister school and its history:

Through our collective experience, we have found that boarding adds something special to the educational process. Boarding demands the very best from every individual and characteristics like resilience, independent thinking, decision making, time management become naturally advanced for those that board. Boarding also presents a shared fun experience with close friends that become lasting and cherished memories. Joining a new school and becoming a boarder, maybe for the first time, can feel like a huge challenge. The advice presented here aims to ensure that this process is a simple one. We, the boarding team, hope to alleviate any concerns or worries that you may have and create a positive feeling about the vast possibilities ahead.

We are confident that the time you spend boarding at KH8 will be rewarding, very productive and also a lot of fun. If you don’t believe us, please try a few nights in boarding.