The Latin motto of Christ College, Brecon comes from the Fifth Book of Virgil’s epic poem, the Aeneid:

Possunt Quia Posse Videntur

This translates into the powerful maxim that encapsulates a great guiding principle:

They Achieve Because They Believe They Can

If ever there was a classical representation of “Malaysia Boleh”, then this is it – we can do it! King Henry VIII College will happily adopt this motto, too.

The context of Virgil’s line gives us even more inspiration; the three words before “Possunt Quia” are “Hos successus alit”, meaning “Success nourishes them”.

A successful education means transferable skills and qualifications, of course; it is also about becoming a young person equipped to face the challenges presented by today’s world.

Students at our new school in Malaysia will be given every opportunity to explore their talents, to be part of a supportive community, and to be nourished by their success.

The school will value individuality, initiative, and leadership, as well as emphasising the merits of teamwork. Students will be at the heart of a community of supportive parents, loyal staff, and dedicated, approachable teachers; a happy, positive community in which our students will develop resilience, tolerance, and emotional balance; a community that promotes curiosity, perseverance, and shared success.

“Although literally thousands of miles apart and rooted in very different ethnic cultures and environments, the indivisible links between our two sibling Colleges will be firm and unyielding. King Henry VIII and CCB share the same DNA, and also almost 5 centuries of heritage and educational experience. Shared and careful governance will benefit both our Colleges now and in the future.”

Sir Paul Silk, KCB, Chair of Governors and former Head Boy of Christ College

“This collaborative joint venture and strategic partnership forged between Christ College, Brecon and Seri Mutiara Group, Malaysia is indeed a very significant milestone of achievement between both parties in the international field of education. I am very excited just envisaging the tremendous potential and limitless possibilities at our disposal.

We are all very excited by this collaboration, and by the prospect of this sister school establishing itself in Cyberjaya, Selangor. We will share the values of Christ College, and as genuine partners we will promote exchanges and collaborative experiences across the whole spectrum of school life.”

Datuk Benny Hoe, Managing Director DBH Holdings Sdn Bhd