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Meet the Students

Meet the Students

At KH8 we have many outstanding Sixth Form students, they truly are leaders of the school, stepping up when required, while shaping the culture and ethos within the Sixth Form and the school as a whole. Contact them for more information about their chosen A level pathway and university destination, they are more than happy to offer advice and support.

Throughout my years in the school I have built up the academic knowledge and skills that will help me in my future. I will never forget the fun experiences on offer at KH8, from playing sports or just spending time with my school friends. I am hoping to carry this momentum of gaining experiences and achieving goals onto my university life. I want to say thank you to the dedicated teachers and staff who have helped me with my journey.

Adib (Malaysia) I 2A* 1AGRADUATED 2021 I Loughborough University, UK

The years have never gone by faster. I’ve had several highly entertaining experiences such as founding our Chess club. The common room where I met most of my friends were many hilarious interactions, games and conversations! Thank you, especially to my teachers and, as my old classmate once said, “don’t become strangers”.

Emanuel (Malaysia) I 3A*GRADUATED 2021 I University of Auckland, New Zealand

I chose KH8 because of its facilities, the ability to take part in a lot of co-curricular activities, and the small class sizes which would allow greater focus from my teachers. The teachers are passionate about what they teach and are willing to help you at every opportunity. Boarding at KH8 was also a new experience for me, I enjoyed it a lot, it gave me the opportunity to make so many new friends from different year groups as well as giving me a taste of even more activities that have further contributed to developing me as as a person.

Samantha (Malaysia) I 3as Graduated 2020 I Biotechnology, University of Nottingham, Malaysia

I chose KH8 because I wanted to study A level abroad and Malaysia is pretty close to Taiwan, I can therefore fly home during half terms. This school stood out from others I visited because its built on big grounds which have well equipped facilities and very experienced teachers. Teachers at KH8 are very passionate and keen to always help us. They offer extra lessons during any free time they may have. This is my first time boarding in a school, boarding has really helped me become a much more independent person, this will benefit me when I transition into my university life.

Yoyen (Taiwan) I 2As & BGraduated 2020 | Pursuing Medicine, University of Debrecen, The Netherlands