King Henry VIII College offers Scholarships to recognise academic, musical, sporting, artistic, and all-round talent. A generous Scholarship fund will support Scholarships ranging from 30% of tuition fees, up to Full Scholarships (100% of tuition fees). These awards will usually be available on entry to the school in Years 7 to 10 and in Year 12. Awards will tend to be higher for more senior age groups. Younger students will be recognised as exhibitioners if they are identified as being potential scholars.

In principle, it is expected that an award will be held for the duration a student is at the School. Awards, however, will be regularly reviewed to ensure a student is performing at the level expected. If a question is raised about a scholar's efforts or contribution the Head will write to the parents inviting further discussion. Please note that scholarship applicants must have or be in the process of applying for a place at King Henry VIII College. 

Click HERE for Scholarship Information Booklet and application procedures.

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