Life in the Sixth Form is about so much more than Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) levels - they are vitally important, of course, but King Henry VIII College students will leave the school not just with a top university place beckoning.

As well as that preparation for university, there will be an emphasis on the wider life beyond school. Alongside academic specialisation, and the opportunity to explore areas of academic interest much more fully than before, will be the sort of preparation and development of skills that the modern world demands.

Qualities such as flexibility, openness to challenge, confidence, and the ability both to lead and to be a member of a team, are by far the most important qualities for future employment. This is especially true in a world where the employment market is likely to look very different in five, let alone ten years’ time. Such skills are developed uniquely in the Sixth Form of a school like ours, where there are numerous opportunities for teamwork, leadership and the development of communication and negotiation skills.

In the Sixth Form the core of the curriculum will be Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations (CAIE) AS and A levels. Students will sit these internationally-recognised CAIE examinations, which are the conclusion of broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects.

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