Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child require a Guardian?

A Guardian plays a crucial role in assisting and caring for each individual student and it is essential that every overseas boarder has an appointed local guardian. Guardians assist the family by organising and escorting students to and from KH8 (airport transfers) and home; attending parent evenings; assisting the Houseparents should a boarder become unwell and/or require a visit to a hospital, as well as maintaining regular contact with the student to ensure they are well and happy during their time here. Students whose home is in Malaysia or who live within two hours from the KH8 campus will not require a guardian.

How does KH8 ensure that boarders are well looked after?

Each boarding house has its own dedicated Houseparent, assisted by a team of resident and non-resident tutors (teachers). There is a Houseparent for Junior girls and a Houseparent for Junior boys. A housekeeper assists the boarding team with laundry and ironing school shirts whilst ensuring each house is kept clean and tidy. The KH8 boarding facilities are modern and each floor is well equipped: all bedrooms are air-conditioned. There are also ceiling fans and ample showers. The comfortable living spaces give each boarding house a very homely feel.

The Junior boarding team has experience of working with younger students, providing the highest quality pastoral care tailored to meet the emotional and physical needs of the students. Junior boarding has its own daily schedule to reflect this. In the KH8 dining room, they have breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a post school and evening snack. The school ensures that all students eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, as well as giving the occasional treats like pizza night.

What about when my child is unwell or needs medical attention?

Situated within the boarding blocks is a fully equipped Sanatorium (Medical Centre), this is staffed by trained nurses Monday to Friday. The school also uses the services of a local doctor's surgery when necessary.

What if my child is homesick or needs to talk to someone confidentially?

Homesickness is experienced by most boarders at some stage or another. However, through the care and support of the experienced boarding team as well as from fellow peers, young students quickly develop their independence and resilience, rising to the challenge. Plus, our school counsellor who is on site throughout the week, will happily see students who needs extra care and support.

Does my child need pocket money?

All students will need a termly allowance of pocket money. We request that this money is given to the Houseparent for safe keeping, who will distribute the money on a weekly basis. For larger withdrawals or purchases (requested by the student) the Houseparent will always liaise with the parents for authorisation. We recommend RM2,000 per term.

Are boarders allowed to use/bring mobile phone?

We recognise that mobile phones play a huge part in today’s modern society, we do strive to ensure that screen time within school and boarding is kept to a minimum.For example, phones are not permitted in the school dining room and phones are collected before bedtime/lights out each night. For further clarification please see the school’s Mobile Phone Policy.

Are there any extra-curricular activities for the boarders?

At KH8 we take great pride in the vast array of midweek and weekend activities, as well as the numerous school trips available for our students. During the school week there are numerous post-school activities as well as evening activities where the boarding community has exclusive use of the school’s facilities including the sports hall, swimming pool and fitness suite. Weekend excursions this past year have included: Trampolining, go-karting, ice skating, cinema (several times), climbing, paintballing, museum visits, Sunway Lagoon water park as well as numerous shopping trips. Excursions and boarding trips are charged at RM500 per term.