Boarding Life

King Henry VIII College provides a unique and enriching experience for students who choose to live on campus. Our safe, supportive, and stimulating environment allows young people to excel academically and personally while developing our core values of responsibility, resilience, and respect. However, at KH8, being part of the boarding community means embracing independence above all else.

Campus life

The city of Cyberjaya, a short 30 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, offers students a structured and supportive environment that helps them form healthy habits and routines. The boarding lifestyle fosters cherished memories as KH8 students live alongside each other, offering compassion, tolerance, and understanding, while providing mutual support to one another.

Our boarding accommodations are of the highest quality, with access to school facilities in the evenings and weekends, including a library, computer labs, sports facilities, swimming pool, gymnasium, and 600-seat auditorium for rehearsals and evening entertainment. Students also have access to a range of support services, including a dedicated Houseparent, resident tutors, academic tutors, counselors, a nursing team, and a cleaning and maintenance team, all on hand to help our students thrive academically and personally.

A Hidden Curriculum

Boarding at King Henry VIII College offers practical advantages, such as eliminating the need for a long and stressful commute. With a range of exciting activities and events during the evenings, students can fully immerse themselves in the boarding experience while making lasting friendships with their peers.

Our program of weekend activities and excursions involving the school community ensures that students who are away from home have the opportunity to unwind, stay engaged, and enjoy their time exploring all that Malaysia has to offer.

Through our collective experience, we have found that boarding adds something special to the educational process. It demands the best from every individual, with characteristics like independent thinking, decision-making, and time management naturally advancing for those who board.

At KH8, we are confident that the time students spend boarding will be an enriching and enjoyable experience. Boarding provides a ''hidden curriculum," where students gain essential independent life skills that will develop their whole character, ensuring they are ready to face the world with confidence.