Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 encompasses Year 1 and 2 (age 5 – 7 years). These years help lay crucial foundations in literacy, mathematics and learning skills. They provide a fun and a meaningful environment where students can explore different topics and interests.


Key Stage 2

Students in Key Stage 2, from Year 3 – 6 (age 7 – 11 years), build upon their previous schooling with the aim of developing independence and taking ownership of their learning. Timely individualised assessments by specialised Key Stage 2 teachers ensures that students are achieving at their full potential. Expanding on skills taught in Key Stage 1, exciting topics of study fuel the students’ interest in the world around them. Core subjects in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are taught by Class Teachers, based on an enhanced version of the British National Curriculum.



Primary Curriculum

The Primary Curriculum follows a topic-based, cross-curriculum approach to learning with the British National Curriculum as it’s foundation.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Art
  • Music
  • ICT
  • Physical Education
  • Health and Economic Education
  • Geography

English +


English is taught daily as a discrete subject and focuses on spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary.

At KH8 Primary, students focus on acquisition and command of vocabulary in order to support the correct use of grammar when speaking, writing and learning in other subjects. Progressing through the Primary School, students develop skills to write at greater length utilising accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation in a variety of genres.

Through our intensive phonics programme students develop their reading fluency in Key Stage 1. Upon securing the fluency of reading, students shift to dedicated Guided Reading lessons that encourage students to engage with texts at a literal and inferential level. This provides each child with reading skills that supports their understanding of a variety of texts and exposes them to a wide range of genres. Our mission is to instil a love of reading in every child.

Mathematics +


KH8 Primary places significant importance upon developing mathematical fluency which is also taught daily as a subject.

Through the ‘Mastery’ approach, we help build confidence in the understanding of number and calculations to ensure that these concepts assist in building the foundation of fluency across the Mathematics curriculum. In addition to this, students will develop crucial skills in reasoning to ensure that they can apply their mathematical knowledge to a wide range of contexts.

Integrated Curriculum +

Integrated Curriculum

The Integrated Curriculum at KH8 Primary is a topic-based approach whereby objectives within the Science and Humanities curriculum are taught through a unit of study each half term.

These topics provide inspiration for students in their learning and help to develop an understanding of the world through the disciplines of science, history and geography. Focusing on specific objectives from the British National Curriculum, students build on their previous understanding and are encouraged to develop critical thinking within topics of study.

In addition to the Integrated Curriculum topics of study, students spend time within the curriculum learning about Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education, including well-being, computing and in Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and Year 6), there are opportunities for learning in drama, leadership, outdoor education and engineering.