Learning Skills

Alongside our core curriculum, KH8 Primary students are explicitly taught and build a foundation of learning skills that they can utilise as they progress through the Senior School and through their careers.


Knowing how to manage yourself in the give and take of collaborative ventures; respecting and recognising other viewpoints and adding to and drawing from the strength of teams.

Active Listening
Contributing to others’ experiences by listening to them to understand what they are really saying, and putting yourself in their shoes.

Reasoning and Explaining
Calling up on your logical and rational skills to work things out methodically and rigorously; constructing good arguments and spotting flaws.


Keeping going in the face of difficulties; channeling the energy of frustration productively; knowing what a slow and uncertain process learning often is.

Being flexible; changing your plans in the light of different circumstances; monitoring and reviewing how things are going; seeing new opportunities.

Noticing and Observing
Perceiving subtle nuances, patterns and details in experience.


Thinking about where you are going, the action you are going to take, the time and resources you will need, and the obstacles you may encounter.

Asking questions of yourself and others; being curious and playful with ideas; delving beneath the surface of things.

The ability to independently locate and use relevant and accurate information drawn from a range of sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.